...and so it begins

...and so it begins


April Changes

We are about to enter a time of significant change at OBJC and we want you to be well informed.   

OUR LAST SERVICE at 7th and Maroon will be our 'MOVE OUT SUNDAY' on April 8th.  We will meet at our usual 9am time and celebrate God's faithfulness in the past and look to his Future Grace. Wear your workin' duds because after the service we are going to move the remaining contents of the church buildingWe expect the whole project to take about 90 minutes (we are organized...or completely in denial.)

CENTER FOR THE ARTS. On April 15th the Center for the Arts will become our temporary home with weekly services at 9a.m. until June, at which point we will have services at 8:30 a.m. and 10 a.m.  


Children's Church During Relocation

AGES K-12. Children ages K and above are WELCOME in the Service. First and foremost, we want to encourage all everyone to have their kids join their family to worship together. We realize that this can be stressful because none of us want our kids to disrupt others. However, we believe worship is a family activity and kids certainly have a place at the table. Their squirms and coughs and unexpected awkward statements are part of the joyful noise we will be making. For the sake of parents' sanity, we will have optional activity materials for your kids to use during the services. You can pick up a bag on the way in and drop it off on the way out so we can fill it up with new stuff for the next Sunday.

AGES 1-5. Before you head into the Center for the Arts, stop by the Young Life Building (610 6th Street - the big blue building attached to the right of our friendly True Value Store) with your child (children) ages 1-5. You can park in the public lot just to the north across Whiterock from the Young Life Building. Click HERE to learn more about our kids program and safety precautions during our stay at the Center For the Arts.

INFANTS. If you have a child age 0 to 1 we invite you into the service. We will have a TV streaming the service in the lobby of the Center so if you need to step away for a while, you won't have to miss a thing!


Parking at the center for the arts


Click HERE for a map of suggested parking areas. PLEASE be aware of our need to be the GREATEST of neighbors! We want our church family to bless our tiny community rather than annoy it.

With that in mind, please AVOID:

  • Parking in front of anything that looks like a driveway. 
  • Parking in the True Value lot. 
  • Blocking any kind of traffic or bike path or pedestrian path.
  • Parking in the Stepping Stones Preschool lot.
  • Parking in the spaces directly in front of the main entrance to the Center unless you are handicapped.  

There is a drop off area directly in front of the Center for the Arts - just pull right in. Here are some GOOD places to park: 

  • Public lot north of Young Life Building (known as the Academy lot)
  • Crested Butte Community School Parking Lot.
  • Along 6th (135) on either side
  • Four Way Parking lot, or the parking spots by the tennis court. 

Of course you can ride your townie to church or take a nice morning walk to get you ready for services!


Our Mission.

At Oh Be Joyful Church, our mission is reconciliation through Jesus Christ to experience reconciliation with God, and with one another, and to share that reconciliation with our community and world. 

Opening Our Doors Wider.

For Crested Butte. For the Kingdom.

Thanks to the generosity of our God and the extended family of our little mountain church, we have successfully raised over $2 million to renovate our existing building!