Oh Be Joyful

More than Just a Church.

Much more than just Sunday Morning.

Sunday morning is important. A Sunday morning at Oh Be Joyful Church is made up of all kinds of people; people who have known and followed Jesus for many years, others who are just getting started on that journey, and many who are asking big questions and are checking out Jesus and the church for the first time. Sunday morning is a cool time to come together and learn and be encouraged.  

But Sunday morning is only a part of what Oh Be Joyful Church is. Our vision is that the relationship that our members have with Jesus is evident where ever we are - at dinner with our families, on the trail with friends, at work, racing down the mountain, serving in our community, contributing to local needs and caring for the suffering in our world. Oh Be Joyful Church isn't contained by walls or limited to a certain 60 minutes on a Sunday. This Church, which is its people, is meant to be a blessing to our community and the world.

Our Mission.

At Oh Be Joyful Church, our mission is reconciliation through Jesus Christ to experience reconciliation with God, and with one another, and to share that reconciliation with our community and world. 

Opening Our Doors Wider.

For Crested Butte. For the Kingdom.

Thanks to the generosity of our God and the extended family of our little mountain church, we have successfully raised over $2 million to renovate our existing building!