Abopt a Family for Christmas.

Most everyone has experienced a time when life was really tough.  The holiday season can make the tough times seem unbearable….  How uplifting and hopeful it is when someone steps up and says, “I want to walk beside you by giving you some help this Christmas”.

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Adopt A Family is an anonymous program, through Oh Be Joyful Church, in which families in the valley who are walking through tough times are “adopted” by local families and businesses.  The adopting families or businesses provide Christmas gifts, both needs and a few wants, for families who can benefit from this assistance.  The names of the adopted remain anonymous if they desire to do so. Due to the generous hearts of our community, 32 families in our valley had a much different Christmas than they had expected in 2016.  

The Adoptee (receiving) family provides me as the facilitator with an email with their contact information and the ages, sizes, gender of each of their children and family members along with their basic needs and a few specific wants.    Then I match this family with one of our donor businesses or families and the donors take it from there.  They buy things from the provided list and wrap them by December 20th and deliver them or if they want to remain anonymous, Oh be Joyful Church is a pick up place for the exchange. Often two or more families get together to provide Christmas for one family.    Gift cards to Clarks, City Market, and Walmart are most welcome and can be delivered to Oh Be Joyful Church (7th and Maroon) or Bank of the West.   Checks for gift cards can be written to Oh Be Joyful Church (PO Box 175) and DESIGNATED specifically for gift cards which I will account for and purchase.  These gift cards will be spread out to our receiving families.

Let me share with you direct quotes from those who have been blessed by the love and generosity of our community, coming along beside those who are walking through hard times:

“Our life is changed…. we did not think anyone cared”
“Being a single parent and working three jobs, I had no idea how I would have provided a Christmas this year for my children. This is beyond anything I could have even thought of…having people reach out to us like this!”

If you know of a family that is in need of assistance this Christmas, or if you or your business would like to Adopt A Family for Christmas, please complete the form below.

Rosalind Cook    


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