Oh Be Joyful Annual Meeting

Sunday March 8 after church services at about 10:45 - 11:45

Every year OBJ hosts a meeting for members that consists of four parts: 1, review our financial performance from the previous year; 2, learn about our vision for the coming 12- 24 months; 3, look at the 2015 budget and how it supports the vision; and 4, to pray for the work of the church.  The full budget is available to members of OBJ any time - if you would like to personally look at every line you are very welcome to do so - we will post a link here to the basic budget and you can contact the office for a link to the detailed budget.   home@ohbejoyfulchurch.org or 970-349-6237.

cool stuff

Last Thursday I was at the CBCS gym for a series of basketball games.  What I saw there has probably never happened in Crested Butte before.  I'll tell you what it was in a minute.  

First, I need to say that I am committed to the idea that youth need a 'third person' speaking into their lives.  A third person is not a peer and not a parent.  A third person can have fun, but go deeper - can be there in tough times and can bring the truth of the Bible into real life situations.  A third person has earned the right to be heard by investing in friendship over a period of time.  The youth of Crested Butte have had several GREAT people who have served in that Third Person role over the past 15 years. But what I saw on Thursday was unprecedented.  

There were no less than FIVE young adult leaders sitting in the bleachers spending time with students.  Earning the right to be heard - being the Third Person.  All are Young Life volunteers.  The ratio was about 1 leader to 8 students and it was awesome to see.  Five committed believers pouring into the lives of young people in our community - loving kids, supporting parents, mentoring, sharing wisdom, leading kids to consider and to grow deeper in Jesus --- making a difference. 

It was cool.  


Rock of Ages: A youth event

We here at OBJ have partnered with a couple of churches in Gunnison who do an event once a month called Rock of Ages. Rock of Ages is a community youth event with dinner, worship and just a whole lotta fun! The next rock of ages is February 27th at 630. If you would like to go contact Matt at 970-631-2517 or Emily at 972-571-7340 and we will set you up with a ride and all the details you need.

OBJ News

Celebrate The Birth of Jesus at Oh Be Joyful!

Christmas Eve Candle Light Services are at 4:00, 5:30 and 7:00pm

Mountain Chapel Starts this Sunday at 1PM

The chapel service meets about 100 yards to the left (west) of the top of the Painterboy lift. Join skiers and snowboarders for a short service to remember the Creator and enjoy community and Biblical instruction in an incredible setting.

Women's Bible Study - Thursday mornings at 9am!

Join the group Thursday morning. Everyone is welcome! Meet at OBJ at 9am. Bring a Bible a friend and a desire to dive more deeply into the Bible. We have a few extra books.

Right Now Media for All OBJ Members

EVERY member of Oh Be Joyful Church, for whom we have an email address, will be invited to access an online video library of hundreds of video learning collections from teachers such as Francis Chan, Tim Keller, David Platt, Jen Hatmaker, Christine Caine and many more. There is also a huge section for children. The library is called RightNow.orgAccess it all through your computer, the RightNow.org mobile app AND on your TV through Apple TV, Roku or most Smart TV systems. You will receive an email from RightNow.orginviting you to set up a login. Join and enjoy!

Fund to Support the Children of Hillary Moon

CB lost a member of the community last week - Hillary Moon.  We are grieved by the loss.  The family has sent out the following message concerning her remembrance: 

In this time of loss we know that there are many of you who would like to express their condolences to the family of Hillary Moon. We truly appreciate all of the love and support that Crested Butte Community and beyond has already provided. The family is asking in lieu of flowers, cards and gifts at this time, that donations can be made to the Hillary Moon Memorial Fund. These donations will be used for Aidan’s and Liam’s future college funds. An account has been set up at Bank of the West. Donations can be made in person at any location or mailed to: 
     Bank of the West
     P.O. Box 493
     Crested Butte, CO 81224
     For Hillary Moon Memorial Fund, #036420372
Once again, We all thank you for your love and support.