One of the special qualities of OBJ that has stood for many years is the support and understanding that we give to one another in times of difficulty.   We have come to a place that will require just that kind of character today.
Tyler Hansen, our Worship Pastor for many years now, is taking an needed and extended period of leave to work through some family issues that need attention.  We can take great comfort in the fact that Tyler and his family are taking very proactive steps.   During the next three months we, as a church, will have the privilege of extending sincere prayer on their behalf, providing them privacy, and lending support as it is needed. 

This change will be hard and will require a lot of maturity and unity on the part of the body.  Let's pray that God will use this period of time to bring joy and peace.  

Stephanie will be leading us in worship on Sunday mornings in the coming weeks.  Please lift her and the team up as they guide us to Jesus.