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Women's Bible Study - Begins this Thursday morning at 9!

Join the group Thursday morning. Everyone is welcome! Meet at OBJ at 9 AM. Bring a Bible a friend and a desire to dive more deeply into the Bible. Renee Write will be leading and we'll add some Camp 4 coffee to top it off.

Thanksgiving Service at Queen of All Saints
Next Wednesday at 6:30 PM

Let's ALL go!  Bring a finger food dish or a desert to share. After a short Thanksgiving Service with Oh Be Joyful, Queen of All Saints, Union Congregational Church, and the Community we will hang out together and enjoy the food brought from kitchens all over town. 

Celebrate Recovery - Now on TUESDAY Evenings

We are making some good changes at Celebrate Recovery ---  Join us Tuesday evenings at 6PM.  Look below for more about CR from Wendy, our CR leader.

Men's Slopeside Retreat

When: Friday, 12/12, 5-10PM  Saturday, 8AM - 2PM 12/13  (not an overnight event)
Where: Villas at Mt Crested Butte
What: Choosing Well What You Chase After.  All men are chasing something - as men trying to follow Jesus in our valley we need to chase after Him well - so how do we do that? There will be a chance to build and renew friendships, laugh, and grow.  Breakout sessions on Work that Matters, Challenges to Faith, and more.
Food: Tim E is helping to coordinate the food so get ready for some good eating
What you will get:  A chance to win valuable prizes, some fun with friends, and a challenge to chase Christ Well.
Skiing: Bring your gear and hit the lifts for a couple of hours at CBMR
Cost: Only $4,999 per person  (or $15...whichever you would prefer to pay)
Limited Registration:  only 25 spots available so hurry to reserve yours.
SIGN UP BY CLICKING HERE or in the Foyer on Sunday

Right Now Media for All

EVERY member of Oh Be Joyful Church has access to an online video library of hundreds of video learning collections from teachers such as Francis Chan, Tim Keller, David Platt, Jen Hatmaker, Christine Caine, and many more.  There is also a huge section for children.

Access it all through the rightnow mobile app AND on your TV through Apple TV, Roku, or most Smart TV systems.

HOW TO:  In order to sign in to the system we need your contact information to email you an invitation.  Oh Be Joyful will be sending a mass invitation to everyone in our database in early December, 2014.  If you would like to be included please CLICK HERE to make sure we have your information. 

OBJ Stickers Are Here

Grab a few in the foyer at OBJ and slap 'em on your car, coffee cup, snowboard, office, computer, pet, best friend, Mom, front door, bike, notebook, whatever.

Celebrate Recovery @ OBJ

The Beginning of Real Hope   ///   Wendy Beukelman

Individuals new to recovery often comment on their behavior as an observer, rather than as one in control of their own willpower, in the same way they might tell a story about a cat.  For example, “Sometimes I get so angry over something small and I say the most horrible things.”  Or, “I exercise to the point of exhaustion and then I get so dehydrated and sick that I can hardly move. I don’t know why this happens.” The thing is, there is honesty here—some of us have reached a point where it would seem we have lost access to willpower and we become observers of our own behavior, and then we are left feeling curious and appalled at the same time.  My belief is that once we have become a victim of our own behavior or addiction we have reached a very low point indeed, an even more frightening position than being a victim of someone else.  But this is where the real hope begins!  This is the best place to be actually, if we will only admit it.  And this is where those of us in recovery can call ourselves blessed:  “Happy are those who know that they are spiritually poor” (Matthew 5:3, GNT).  Principle 1 in Celebrate Recovery states, “Realize I’m not God; I admit that I am powerless to control my tendency to do the wrong thing and that my life is unmanageable.”  If we can come out of denial and embrace this principle, this is where the change really begins.  Because this is where we embrace Jesus Christ and his power to change us (Principle 2).  This is where we learn true dependency on our Savior.  This is where we hand our willpower, in a spirit of trust, to the One who can change us from the inside (Principle 3).  After all, many things in this life do occur outside of our control, and the impact on us is great.  Can any of us really say we are in control of all aspects of our lives?  “The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps” (Proverbs 16:9, ESV).  Also consider: “Whoever seeks to preserve his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life will keep it” (Luke 17:33, ESV).  A semblance of control over our lives is something that we were never meant to have, and, since the fall of man, never capable of handling properly anyway.  So this is the reason I say we in recovery are truly blessed.  In recovery, our need for dependence on Jesus is obvious and we have no choice but to run to Him, and no credit to take for ourselves—it all goes to Him.  Can Jesus transform our hopelessness and powerlessness into a newfound strength only available from Him?  Yes, and the first step is to admit our weakness, and our need for complete dependence on Jesus.