Making Room For Our Friends

EVERY SUMMER Oh Be Joyful swells a bit in numbers.  Those of us who live here welcome our friends and members from out of town and we are actively preparing right now.   You may remember that last year we opened up space in the back of the sanctuary for about 30 more seats and this year we are headed to the front.  

However, this year we won't be so much adding more seats as creating more room for those seats.  Our max seating is about 240 and we want those to be comfortable places to sit.  To that end we are making two big changes, one permanent and one temporary.

FOR KEEPS (starting this week): we are pulling down the East and West sides of our stage and pushing the band to the middle rather than to the side.  This will create room for about 30 seats up front  - 15 on each side.  With this change we will be able to have more room for aisles (but knee space may be at a premium).  

TEMPORARILY (seven Sundays beginning Sunday, June 29 through Sunday, August 10):  our kids program (5th grade and under) will meet for the full hour - beginning at 9AM rather than our traditional system which keeps the kids in for the first part of the service.  The leaders are gearing up to create a great experience for every child including a kids worship time.   If you feel strongly that your kids should join you for the first part of the service, we understand - no problem.     

The construction on the stage has just begun and should be finished quickly.  Check out a couple of pictures below.

If you have questions please feel free to email