New Adams House, inspired under the leadership Jim Kunes, and directed by Chris Gibson has been a tremendous blessing to more than thirty men that have recovered there.  The blessing was not confined to the clients, but has been a great encouragement to their families and friends and especially to the body of Oh Be Joyful.  For the last four years NAH has run very efficiently and effectively, but over the last twelve months it became apparent that the ministry had come to a point of necessary transition: either grow significantly or move towards concluding operations.   The leadership of NAH prayed and worked hard to develop working solutions, but finally made the decision that the time has come to step back and close the doors.  This is hard news because we have loved and been inspired by the leadership and by the men of New Adams, but God has been sought throughout the history of the endeavor and He is closing this chapter of ministry so we must move on - inspired by the recovery that has taken place and determined to maintain our commitment to recovery ministry in the valley. Click HERE to read a message from Jim about the process and the bright side of this as he is best positioned to explain it.  Many thanks to all who have prayed, served, and contributed to NAH. Each life that was touched was worth all the effort.