Good News About Financial Resources

ONE of my dear friends, Sem Beasnael,  who grew up in Chad, Africa, and ministers there now will frequently says, “God is not one to arrive late.”  That phrase is his way of reminding himself and those around him that God will provide in His own timing and give exactly what is needed.  I have always admired Sem’s humble dependence on God’s provision as he lives in place where resources for basic existence are often scarce.   

Each Fall our Trustees and Elders set our goals for ministry and apply human and financial resources to those goals.  In our planning we are armed with  the past to remind us, prayerful discernment, and a vision for the future that allows us to step forward in faith.   We are coming up on that time of planning again and are fortunate to see that, once again, God has not been late to arrive.

We made some adjustments and a few leaps in our 2014 budget.  With myself, Jim, and Tyler on staff, a few capital projects,  and a commitment to investing in youth leadership, we have been pleased to see God provide generously and right on time.

Currently, our spending is under budget in expenses and giving is over what was anticipated.  Our expected income by DECEMBER 31st is  $305,000 and as of AUGUST 21 contributions are  at over $220,000. So over two thirds of our expected income has been provided and we are two thirds of the way through the year.  This Fall and Christmas season will be exciting as we see God’s timing in provision for His church unfold.

It is important to note that accountability and transparency are highly valued by the leadership of Oh Be Joyful Church.  As a member of OBJ you are welcome to contact a person in leadership and discuss any issue you would like to learn more about.  Concerning financial openness, we present our general budget to the body annually and we are always available to walk through our current financial status and plan.   Many thanks due to our Trustee Team (click a name to email) led by Tyler Harpel which includes KayLynne Ezzell, Mark Ewing, Cari Freeman, and Chad Oleson.  Pam Mahoney and  Diane Zimmerman manage the books on a weekly basis.

One last note; it is a blessing to be a member of such a generous church and one that is full of people who respond to needs as they are discovered.  I saw that generosity and responsiveness first hand as Jamie Van Dyke felt called to a year of in missions and her need was a huge $12,000.  OBJ and its members contributed about $14,000 to her effort and she was able to buy plane tickets and equipment for camping on the mission that she will need with the difference.  God provides through His people.

Thanks for the encouragement OBJ!