Welcome Emily to our staff!

Emily Williams will be joining us to serve our youth at the end of September - please be praying for her as the day approaches!  See more about our internship program below.

Crested Butte Youth and OBJ Youth Ministry

Perhaps the best news that I can bring to you is to share about the amazing number of kids who have placed their faith in Jesus over the past couple of years in the Crested Butte area.  God has used the relational ministry of our local Young Life leaders to reach in to our community with love, compassion, fun, and TRUTH.  And there has been change.

If you have attended OBJ in the past several months then you have noticed the flood of Middle and High School Students that make their way out of the service after the worship time. Their presence has been a real encouragement to the entire body.  Most of the kids you see on those Sundays attend on their own without their parents “making” them get up and show up and many are the children of OBJ families.   God is definitely doing something great and we are privileged to be a part of it.  

For the past six years Courtney Kirby has been serving ‘part time’ as our local Young Life Director.  I say part time because she is doing ministry work almost 24/7 as kids are ALWAYS in her home.  We are enjoying a very healthy relationship with Young Life because they are doing the primary work of getting the gospel in the hands and hearts of the kids and then we get to help them move forward in their walk with Christ.  

OBJ is a key financial supporter of Young Life in our community and we do that in partnership with the local Catholic Church, Queen of All Saints.  We intend to continue to  invest in and support Young Life as God provides a greater vision for developing leaders and reaching the entire Gunnison Valley.  It’s going to be exciting.  

While Courtney and her team are serving to reach kids who would not typically have any exposure to Jesus, Oh Be Joyful is strategically staffing to welcome and challenge kids who are ready to go deeper.  To that end we have started a Youth Ministry Leadership Internship which is designed to develop young leaders while serving our community.  Matt Bradley, our current Youth Leader is almost six months into his internship and is loving it.  You have doubtless seen him up front with the kids and we are blessed to have him.   During the Summer Leah Wrisley, a home grown believer, served as our female Youth Intern and did a fabulous job.

Now we are anxiously awaiting Emily Williams, who is postponing her Senior year at Texas A&M to join us for a full year beginning in late September.  Like Matt, she will work 20 - 25 hours a week for OBJ and have a part time job in the community to supplement her income.  Emily will also be taking a few classes online as she prepares for her future.    We are looking forward to seeing how God will use these servants and to seeing how we can help prepare them for lives of effective ministry.