cool stuff

Last Thursday I was at the CBCS gym for a series of basketball games.  What I saw there has probably never happened in Crested Butte before.  I'll tell you what it was in a minute.  

First, I need to say that I am committed to the idea that youth need a 'third person' speaking into their lives.  A third person is not a peer and not a parent.  A third person can have fun, but go deeper - can be there in tough times and can bring the truth of the Bible into real life situations.  A third person has earned the right to be heard by investing in friendship over a period of time.  The youth of Crested Butte have had several GREAT people who have served in that Third Person role over the past 15 years. But what I saw on Thursday was unprecedented.  

There were no less than FIVE young adult leaders sitting in the bleachers spending time with students.  Earning the right to be heard - being the Third Person.  All are Young Life volunteers.  The ratio was about 1 leader to 8 students and it was awesome to see.  Five committed believers pouring into the lives of young people in our community - loving kids, supporting parents, mentoring, sharing wisdom, leading kids to consider and to grow deeper in Jesus --- making a difference. 

It was cool.