If you have any questions, input, or would like to see the detailed budget please contact the office: Home@OhBeJoyfulChurch.org or 970-349-6237.

Hello everyone, praise the Lord for He is good.  2014 saw some amazing things at OBJ throughout the church body and out into the community.  In setting the budget for 2014 the church had the funds and opportunity to go a few different directions and try a few new things that the church body had a calling to follow.  In and through it all, God did his work to make his grace known and continually provided the funds above and beyond our perceived needs. 

2014 was the churches first full year with Scott as head pastor but also keeping Jim on part time as an associate pastor.  In addition to the pastoral staff the church added in two youth interns with the mindset to support and shepherd our youth in OBJ and Crested Butte while at the same time train and disciple biblical leaders to send back out into the world.  Many other small things were added such as additional support for Small Group Bible Sudies.  The budget in 2014 was adjusted to include additional items in the actual budget that in previous years were funded out of savings or specific designated gifts, and all budgeted line items were fully funded.  In addition to budgeted items the Church had decided to undergo some special projects with extra cash on hand built up in previous years such as:

·       Remodel the Sanctuary for more seating

·       Fire Safety Safety upgrades

·       Additional much needed $10,000 bonus to Crested Butte Community Youth

·       New Boiler

·       Landscaping upgrades

But what ended up happening is that so many people chose to give to all the special projects, both with service and funds, the entire budget was met, and all special projects fully covered so that no cash reserves were ever used in 2014.

The overall Budget for 2014, including a budged line item of $16,575 from previous savings (that was not used) was $321,575 and at the end of the year 2014 OBJ had recived a total of $430,712 in general offering, Praise the Lord!  Not to mention in addition to the general offering this church body provided an additional $33,000+ in designated funds for specific projects and needs of those in our church body and community around us.

This leaves us amazingly humbled and excited about being able to continue on and expand the calling we have heard from the Lord.  There is now nearly $200,000 in undesignated cash on hand to fund future ministries. 

Our proposed 2015 Budget was expanded to support and back up financially the areas of ministry that we are seeing flourish through OBJ makings sure that funds are never a hindrance in spreading the gospel.  Some specific areas that we are expanding in this 2015 budget are:

·       Expand the Youth Internship program, along with the OBJ youth (Middle and High School) in general.  The possibility exists to even expand the Internships into other areas besides Youth.

·       Improve and expand on our Sunday school needs for children 1year through 5th grade.

·       Continue to support Counseling services.

·       Continue to grow and support Small Group Bible Studies.

·       Continue to grow and support our Ministries of Healing, Recovery, Equipping and Retreat.

·       Specifically grow and provide Missionary Support, including being more connected with our supported missionaries and providing more short term mission opportunities for the church body.

·       Continue to grow and support the Crested Butte Community Youth.

·       Thank, support, encourage and connect better with greater Remote Member Outreach.

·       Connect with and support similar church bodies throughout the greater rocky mountain region.

·       Connect with and provide general “no strings attached” support and love to our overall community.

I am sure there are many other items I have failed to include and do not have room to include.  As a Trustee it is a complete joy to be part of the church body and see so many different people lovingly give both financially but more importantly with your time and service.  I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that financial success in the church is in no way a sign of a healthy church body, and my prayer is for the continued spiritual health of this church.  If God is put first in the church He will always provide what is needed, and that may or may not include meeting the budget.

Below is the summary of the proposed 2015 budget, a link is provided on the website to the complete detailed budget and hard copies are printed out at the church so that the details everything can be seen if desired.  Always feel free to contact any of the OBJ trustees, Tyler Harpel, Cari Freeman, Chad Olsen, Kaylynn Ezzell, and Mark Ewing, to discuss in detail and or provide additional input, now and throughout entire year.  And continue to pray for our spiritual wisdom in overseeing the OBJ finances.

There will be an Annual Business Meeting following the morning service on March 8th 2015 to present and discuss general business, future opportunities and vote on the 2015 budget.

Tyler Harpel
Trustee Chair