How To Prepare

•  Get alone for a little while and pray that God will give you insight 

•  Read the assigned verses carefully at least twice

•  Outline the the passage using whatever style makes sense to you

•  Make AT LEAST TEN brief, simple observations 

•  Write down a few questions you have about the passage

•  Attempt to answer your questions on your own

•  Look for answers from credible sources (see below)

•  Try to write down what you think the MAIN POINT is in as few words as possible

•  List one or more applications for you that you discovered


This chapter has some challenging sections as you will discover.  There will be opportunity to bring preconceived ideas into the study about issues such as God’s choice and politics, but please attempt to let the Word speak to you in a fresh way and bring a mindset to your study and our conversation that resembles the original first century audience.  



Good versions of scripture:

The ESV (English Standard Version)

The NET (New English Translation)

NIV (New International Version)

NAS (New American Standard)

(these could be found in a ‘study bible’ version that provides resources and info throughout)



‘The Bible App’ by Youversion  This app is free allows downloading of several versions to your device.



This is a good resource online with several translations and reference material

On the main page there will be a link to the commentary and from there you can download a pdf commentary for most books of the Bible.  


Be careful of simply searching on Google for answers.  While it is good to get a wide variety of commentary Google tends to provide the bottom of the barrel in Biblical scholarship.