Opening Our Doors Wider.


We have been in the process of gaining approval for expansion from BOZAR since the fall of 2015 and, on August 29, 2017, about fifteen members of the church celebrated and prayed outside Town Hall after we received the official go ahead. 

In March of 2017, a team of OBJC members began meeting to pray, plan and implement the expansion project which our elders and the body approved at our all-church meeting.  

We expect to be displaced for a year so we are working hard to find an appropriate place to meet during that time.  

Our hope is to raise resources for the project for three months

Between November 1, 2017 and Jan 31,2018 through one time gifts and pledged

Construction could begin as soon as May 2018

Please feel free to send a message to with any questions at all

Dear OBJC family,

I regularly hear people say something like this:

"It is so exciting to see what God is doing in Crested Butte!"  

There is evidence everywhere that the Good News of Jesus is moving out into our community, that people desire to learn more about Him, and to be a part of His story here.  Oh Be Joyful Church has the privilege of being an integral part of that movement - and it is a great challenge just to try to keep up with what God is doing.  

One place that we see His hand at work is in the numbers of people that are engaging on Sunday mornings at 625 Maroon. You have probably been to a recent service that has been utterly full.  Two years ago, our leadership began seeking long term solutions to the overcrowding of our facility that was on the horizon.   The essential questions back then was this:

What solution regarding our facility will best engage growing believers and people exploring Jesus into the next generation (13-15 years)?   

Oh Be Joyful had experienced this challenge in years past and our elders took the same first step that was taken in each of the previous major changes in the meeting place of the church:  Prayer. We have been praying that everything we do regarding our future plans will exalt Jesus because it is His church.   

As we prayed we rolled up our sleeves and started planning.  We had several challenges to address:  the viability of our current location for expansion, the willingness of our neighbors to accept our plan, BOZAR approval, ensuring that the price of the project would be in line with a responsible funding model that does not require debt beyond our construction phase and 3 year pledge period, and finally, perpetuating and even enhancing the simple and very personal feel of our current facility.  There are many others, too, but in every case we have seen God move us along overcoming all of our perceived barriers and concerns.  Looking back His hand is clearly active.

As we have been preparing for our next steps I’ve been inspired recently by some of the encouragement that Paul wrote to the Philippians.  He said, "When I hear about you let it be news that you are standing firm in your faith, you are unified, and are striving together for the good news of Jesus" (Philippians 1:27).  I believe that Oh Be Joyful Church is building that reputation in our community and in the communities our extended family live in.  Gathering together in the facility at  625 Maroon is a key part of what makes that reputation a reality.

That physical church property is a significant tool in the work of the church; it is a homebase, a spiritual hospital, a rallying point, a lighthouse. It is the touchpoint from which our DNA is worked out, and our current building has served well for over fifteen years.  We have come to the point again in our history where we need an improved facility with enough space to to empower the family of OBJC to strive together for the Good News of Jesus for the next fifteen years.

Our leadership is very excited about what is on the horizon and we want to invite you to be a part of it.  You are invited to an old-fashioned all-church gathering on Sunday, October 22 after church (about 10:30).   Key elements of the meeting will be to discuss the elders recommendation to proceed with the remodel, construction timelines, fundraising, and time for Q and A.  We will also present Eric Eaton as a potential future elder and some additional staffing related plans.   We are hoping to livestream the meeting on Facebook that day for those of you who may want to be a part from your hometown.

We are actively engaged with Architects, Engineers, Builders, the Town of Crested Butte and others as we develop a proposed cost for the project which we will present on the 22nd.  On Wednesday, October 19 more detailed information about the project will be posted on our website including anticipated costs, architectural drawings, elevations, an outline of our fundraising plan, and answers to other questions.  We will also be looking for questions that the family of OBJC has as we proceed.

Please plan to attend if possible -