The Name Says It All

Oh Be Joyful Church is special.  We are made up of people who have lived in Crested Butte for years, people who spend as much time as they can here, many who have followed Jesus for as long as they can remember, and others who are just starting to explore a relationship with Him.  And for all of us the mountain church at 625 Maroon is an important gathering place.

The people of Oh Be Joyful Church are passionate about Crested Butte and sincerely want to see the good news of the gospel change our town. We want to see the gospel transform the hearts of the individuals and families who make Crested Butte special. We inherit that passion from our church founders who, forty years ago, appropriately named the church after an iconic local mountain and creek to establish our commitment to bring the joy of knowing Jesus to Crested Butte.  We believe our church family and facility should bless our community as much or more than the beautiful natural landmarks we are surrounded by and named after. 

We Are Overflowing

Much like Oh Be Joyful Creek in June, we are overflowing.  Many new friends and family are taking part in the warmth, simplicity, and genuine fellowship in Him that characterize our Sunday mornings in numbers that are pushing out the door.

Our current sanctuary reaches its capacity at 200 people and we are enjoying Sundays in the summers with well over 400 and regular attendance in the off-season approaching an average of over 150. A late September Sunday four years ago drew 74 people compared to 220 the same day in 2017.  

We all love the intimacy, sense of family, openness, and friendliness that distinguishes Oh Be Joyful Church. And, just like the early church in Acts, we are committed to extending the good news and inviting as many people as are willing to hear into that special fellowship in Jesus.

So two years ago our elders prepared to Pass the Baton to the next generation by asking this question, “How do we, who have benefitted from the sacrifices and vision of our predecessors, sufficiently prepare the way for the future of Oh Be Joyful Church in Crested Butte?”

Our Hope

A volunteer team was empowered in March of 2017 to work out the practical answers to that question.  With the input of skilled people in our body and the help of a great architect, that team has developed a hope for our building and property.  

Each step has been prayed over and dedicated to Jesus above all. And the elders have approved their solutions which in-volve expanding the sanctuary and remodeling most of the building.  The plan will allow us to welcome up to 400 people on Sunday mornings and provide excellent and scalable spaces for children, youth, offices, and meetings. We believe the plan retains and strengthens the special sense of community and place that our current facility exemplifies and we have worked hard to find the most cost-effective solutions possible.

Opening Our Doors Wider Together

To pursue our hopes for the future of Oh Be Joyful and the future of our community, we are launching a capital campaign we’re calling “Opening Our Doors Wider Together” with a goal of $2.0 million. The campaign will embody the fact that we ‘Go Together’ as every member of our church family will be called upon to participate.  Standing side by side we will grow as a church family and accomplish something that only God can do through us as we give scrificially and joyfully, in unity.