The History of Oh Be Joyful Church

Crested Butte, Colorado

1973 -- A Bible study group was formed in a local home, which was the precursor to a mission.

1977 -- The Continental Divide Association of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) of churches began to pray for a mission to be established in Crested Butte

1978 -- Continental Divide Association Board visited Crested Butte and claimed it for Jesus. They proceeded to call for a church planter.

1979 -- Trinity Baptist Church of Gunnison voted to sponsor a mission in Crested Butte.

August 1979 -- Steve Moorhouse was selected to become the pastor of the fledgling mission.

September 9, 1979 -- Oh-Be-Joyful Chapel held its first service in the Ski Crest Lodge with 35 in attendance.

November 14, 1979 -- Church services were moved to the Queen of All Saints Catholic Church.

November 14, 1979 -- An outreach to skiers was begun by offering a Ski Chapel service on Sunday afternoons on the ski slopes.

September 12, 1982 -- Constitution Day - Oh-Be-Joyful Chapel, a mission of Trinity Baptist Church, officially became an autonomous church as the Oh-Be-Joyful Baptist Church, a member of the Southern Baptist Convention.

April 1983 -- A task force is set up to make preliminary investigations into acquiring a permanent facility for the church.

August 1983 -- Four elders were ordained: Bob Stuplich, Jim Kunes, Rick Borkovec, and Russell Vickars.

January 1984 -- Heaven Sent Christian Preschool was established, sponsored by Oh-Be-Joyful Church.

March 30, 1984 -- The first Crested Butte/Mt. Crested Butte Community Prayer Breakfast was held. 150 businessmen and community leaders attended.

September 1984 -- Four home groups were geographically located in the valley to meet once a week and provide an atmosphere to encourage Christian growth and outreach to the community.

November 1984 -- The Jubilee House, an emergency shelter for people in crisis, was opened and co-sponsored by Oh-Be-Joyful Church.

May 1985 -- A contract was drawn up to purchase a piece of land for a church building to be built on. Prior to signing a contract, Oh-Be-Joyful's funds were frozen in the Colorado Baptist Foundation. Although the funds were eventually returned, the contract was never executed.

September 1985 -- Oh-Be-Joyful moved to the Crested Butte Community School to accommodate the growing number of children in the church and their need for Sunday School space.

September 1985 -- Steve and Linda Moorhouse commit to pursuing a career as full-time foreign missionaries.

April 1986 -- A Pulpit Committee was set up to fill the position of pastor when the Moorhouses left.

September 1986 -- The Moorhouses left Crested Butte to become missionaries in Taiwan.

September 1986 -- Jim Kunes, elder, stepped in as Interim Pastor.

March 1987 -- Rev. George Hoherd began pastoral ministry.

April 1987 -- Building Committee reactivated to locate land or a building for a permanent church facility.

February 1988 -- Contract was signed to purchase "Pantry" building from Ore Bucket Lodge.

May 15, 1988 -- First services in new church building; special dedication service.

July 31, 1988 -- Open house and official dedication service for building, featured Steve Moorhouse (visiting from Taiwan) who preached sermon.

January 1, 1990 -- George Hoherd stepped down from pastoral position.

January 7, 1990 -- Pulpit Committee had it's first meeting.

March 4, 1990 -- Jim Kunes voted in as Interim Pastor.

April 1991 -- Jim Kunes voted in as Pastor.

June 1991 -- Oh-Be-Joyful returned to having Summer Missionaries. The Missionaries began Day Camping, Booth Ministries, Parents Night Out, VBS and outreach to the community.

July 1991 -- Mission Group from Arkansas served in VBS.

December 25, 1991 -- Oh-Be-Joyful began outreach Christmas Eve Service for Mt. Crested Butte at the Grand Butte Hotel.

Winter 1992 -- Services were moved to 9:00 am

June 1994 -- Oh-Be-Joyful began Campers Chapel in Almont. Canvassing by Pastor Kunes and Summer Missionaries took place on Saturday evenings at campgrounds in Taylor Canyon and services were held in Almont on Sunday mornings.

Summer 1995 -- Oh-Be-Joyful began to pray and consider expanding existing Facility or selling and relocating. Summer visitors increase for Sunday worship.

September 1995 -- Pastor Kunes formulated Leadership Team and led retreat near Lake City. The team evaluated the church's ministries and realized outreach remained a weakness of the church with body life and worship as its strengths. Commitment was made to strengthen outreach

Summer 1996 -- God began to lead in the hearts of the Pastor and Elder Al Van Dyke in missions to go to Romania.

Summer 1996 -- Mission group from Texas visited to do repairs of church.

Summer 1996 -- Leadership Team began to organize for pursuit of building.

Fall 1997 -- Daniel and Amy Coroama - missionaries from Dornesti, Romania - visited Oh-Be-Joyful and shared their ministry to the orphans. God used them to stir the hearts of Oh-Be-Joyful.

Fall 1997 -- God provided monetary gift for purchase of three lots north of the church.

February 1998 -- Oh-Be-Joyful made a commitment to go to Romania.

February 1998 -- Building Committee made progress on plans for a building.

October 5, 1998 -- Team of fifteen left for a two week mission trip to Dornesti, Romania to minister to the orphanage there and to help build a church in Radauti, Romania.

January 1999 -- God provided major funds for building project. Committee moved forward for a Spring Ground Breaking.

April 1, 1999 -- Final decision to break ground made by Building Committee. Al Van Dyke became Construction Manager for the project.

June 7-14, 1999 -- Finished placing the first story floor beams on the foundation walls and ducted the entire first level. By Friday all the outside walls were up.

June 1-18, 1999 -- Work continued on the second level and by the end of the week had three end gables in place and three walls up. That afternoon the Pottsboro, Texas and two Oklahoma groups started to leave. By evening several men and women from the next group began to arrive.

June 21-25, 1999 -- Second walls and main roof (east-west) rafters were all placed. Exterior siding was started on the first floor and two porches were decked.

Oct. - Nov. 1999 -- Received $35,000 for building. Finished most of exterior.

December, 1999 -- Received $65,000 for building. Carpeted all downstairs except sanctuary.

January 22, 2000 -- First service in new facility.

June 24-25, 2000 -- Dedication services for new facility.