OBJC children's ministry is committed to teaching children about jesus christ through stories, play time, and hands-on activities.

Sunday Mornings 

Ages 1 to 5 • During our relocation toddlers are looked after in the Young Life building across the street from the Center for the Arts.

All children over the age of 5 are welcome in our Sunday morning worship service. We have bags prepared for kids to help keep them occupied throughout the service.

Volunteers will be on hand to help direct kids to the right place.

Preschool Check-in and Check-out safety improvements!  

The bottom half of the door will remain closed to control the traffic coming in and out of the room.

Only teachers and children that have been signed in by their parents will be in the classroom,  (with the exception of parents who are needed by their child).

When signing in their child, parents will write their child’s name on a white name tag. Children with food allergies or other special needs will be given a fluorescent name tag so teachers can be alerted to their needs.

Parents will receive a pager when they sign in their child. The pager number will be attached to the child with a name tag , the ONLY way to check out a child will be to return the pager.

Background checks will be run on every teacher .

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Children’s Ministry Coordinator,
Molly Holsteen, at (719)213-5774 or andy.molly@yahoo.com.

What You Need To Know

No Kids? No Problem
We are looking for teens, young adults, grandparents, and any age in between. If you love kids and have a heart to serve, we would love to talk with you about getting involved.

Teach or Help Out
We need people to snuggle the babies, read books to the little ones, play games with kids of all ages, and support the classroom teacher in many ways. 

We teach the Bible
All of our classes use lessons that come straight from Scripture without being adjusted in any way. We are passionate about teaching kids to love God and to love His word. 

Doctrine Matters
In order to teach or volunteer, we would like to know that you agree with our doctrine, which can be found on the website. 

Easy Scheduling
You can decide how often you are interested in volunteering. Serving once every 4 to 6 weeks is a great help.

Child Safety Is Critical
We run background checks on everyone who serves with our kids. This is an important piece in keeping kids safe. All results are kept confidential.

Choose Your Age Group
There are three age groups of children that you can volunteer with- age 1 through Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten through 2nd grade, and 3rd through 5th grade.

Part Time In CB is OK
You don’t need live in Crested Butte year-round to volunteer. Our church is unique in its seasonality, and we don’t want to miss out on connecting you to serving when you are here. 

Want to learn more?
Contact Molly at andy.molly@yahoo.com or (719) 213-5774