missions partners.

We are honored to work alongside missionary partners throughout the world who fight injustice, share the gospel, seek God’s kingdom, and empower people. Our current missionary partners include:

northern thailand.


Ryan and Rebecca Stowell.
seed of hope.

Ryan, Rebecca, Tyler and Caleb Stowell moved from Salida, Colorado to Chiang Mai, Thailand in 2012 to work with a Christian retreat center.  Over the course of a few years, the Stowells became friends with a Christian family from the Akha hilltribe from the mountains of northern Thailand.  In 2015, Ryan and Rebecca began a partnership with Lawpa and Bairak, the father and mother in the Akha family, to start Seed of Hope. This ministry is a residential facility for hilltribe children, many of whose families have been displaced by the drug trade and military conflct in Burma. The children are given a safe, loving place to live while they attend Thai schools in Phrao, Thailand.  



Brad and Gina Shaw.
cotahuasi ministry project.

Brad and Gina Shaw work with the Quechua people in the Cotahuasi Canyon in Peru through SIM USA and the Cotahuasi Ministry Project to assist in local church planting.  The Quechua people are the indigenous people of South America speaking the original native language of the Incan empire. The Shaws are also involved in training up Quechua leaders to help spread the gospel to remote villages.  The focus of their efforts over the last couple of years has been building and maintaining a radio station to transmit bible studies, messages, and music to the remote villages. 

southeast asia.




Velma and Isaac Prajeev.
Vision for Asia. Vijayawada.

Isaac and Velma Prajeev work in Vijayawada in Southeast India with Vision for Asia.  The Prajeevs are native to India and graduated from local universities before being married in 2001.  They both have felt a call to serve their own people and moved to Vijayawada to pursue ministry. Vision for Asia is involved in operating orphanages for boys, giving them a chance for an education and to show them the love of Christ.  The organization also cares for HIV/AIDS children from remote villages that have been orphaned. Vision for Asia also works with HIV infected widows to give them skills, like sewing, to enable them to support their families. They also train pastors and develop programs to help bring the gospel to remote villages and are currently involved in over 25 congregations.  They have just recently started working with widows who have no children and are unable to take care of themselves to provide them a place to stay after they are unable to take care of themselves.

new hope children's home.

New Hope Children’s Home was founded in 1995 by David and Debbie Bolos in response to the orphaned and abandoned children living on the streets of Arequipa, Peru.  The orphanage currently houses around 50 children ranging from infants to 18 years old. The children live in small family-style apartments called casitas with groups of 6-7 children and houseparents.  The children come from many different backgrounds and many still have some family involved in their lives, but due to domestic situations they are unable to live safely in their homes or with their families.  New Hope provides a safe environment where children can access education, healthcare, and begin healing from the trauma. The goal of New Hope is to teach children about the love and forgiveness of Christ as well as creating future leaders for the communities of Arequipa.